Double GST Tax Credit ~ What is it and When Will You Receive Double GST Credit in Future?

If you are a Canadian and want to reduce the financial stress on a low income and are also affected by inflation and interest rates, the Government of Canada has implemented a plan in which eligible Canadians will receive double GST Tax Credit over an additional six-month period. The Goods and Services Tax Credit helps … Read more

Facebook Settlement Payment Date ~ When Will You Receive FB Lawsuit Claim Check and How can You File Appeal

This is important for all those users who are waiting for a Facebook settlement check if they have filed an FB Settlement Claim Form online. Due to the FB Privacy Breach Lawsuit, the United States Court has directed Facebook to complete the settlement and provide the claim to the eligible user. As per the FB … Read more

Washington Working Families Tax Credit ~ What should you do to Get a $1,200 Tax Refund?

The Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC), which is a credit that gives individuals and families USD 50 to USD 1,200 depending on several factors like qualifying children, family size, and income, was introduced by the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) in February. According to the DOR, the refund is based on the federal Earned … Read more

IRS Standard Deduction 2024 ~ What is it and All You Need to Know about the IRS Deductions for Year 2024

The IRS adjusts the Standard Deduction for inflation each tax year. There are many factors involved in calculating your standard deduction such as your age, whether you are blind, whether another taxpayer can claim you as a dependent and many others. All of these factors, as well as tax filing status, are considered for the … Read more